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Welcome to Henan Zhigong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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From the protection device products, EMC testing, circuit solutions, one-stop to meet the personalized needs of customers
Henan Zhigong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Henan Zhigong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Zhigong electronics, is a comprehensive supplier of circuit protection components. It is a municipal high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. As a professional manufacturer of circuit protection components, Zhigong electronics has its own brand. Its main products cover TVs transient suppression diode, ESD electrostatic protection components, GDT ceramic gas discharge tube, MOV varistor, PTC self recovery fuse, TSS semiconductor discharge tube, etc. Excellent quality, spot stock, short delivery time, high quality service, customer trust, is the pride of Zhigong electronics.
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Free EMC test service, integrated circuit protection solution provider
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    Address:No.20,qinling road, zhongyuan district ,zhengzhou , henan,China.




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